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I’ve tried to write a book that entertains and at the same time provides beneficial information. It was awarded a Hewlett Foundation grant for combining a story with life-enhancing ideas that can be used in daily life. The events in the story are linked to author’s notes that discuss topics such as relationships, career achievement, and success.

The story centers around a college student, Mark, who is caught between family obligations and having an enjoyable life. In college, he has trouble with his courses, family, and health. When he is close to giving up, he seeks help from a wise and engaging gardener, Sensei. During adventures with Sensei, he discovers a way to joyful living.

The hero, Mark, is everyman for all of us. His struggles typify what is true for so many of us – the groping for something exciting, inspiring, and meaningful. Mark’s teacher, Sensei, is the kind of teacher we all wish we had. Winner’s Way is a rare and wonderful treat for anyone in search of richer self-understanding, compassion, and substance.
--Timothy Zeddies, Ph.D.
Private Practice; Austin, Texas

Winner’s Way creates a new category of writing where magical realism meets do-it-yourself. The ideas in this story and the author’s notes are wildly creative and yet as practical and useful as you are likely to find in any non-fiction book.
--Sandra Ryan
Literary Critic; Oakland, California 

Following in a long tradition of spiritual revolutionaries comes Sensei, a living contradiction--soldier for peace, organizer of chaos, friendly stranger, powerful nobody… Winner's Way is a meditation on mentorship, youth, romance, family, duty, sickness both bodily and spiritual, and ultimately on the redemptive power of love.
--Douglas King
Teacher, Simi Valley, California

This story about courage and discovery is an invitation to use life’s opportunities.

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Kirkland R. Gable